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2024-2025 State President







2024-2026 Senior State President, Liza Fridenmaker

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State Theme
"Harts for Hope"

State Project


The 2024-2025 State Project is to raise funds for the "Harts for Hope".  "Harts for Hope" is an organization started in my community that helps families that are uderserved.  They go out to communities several times a month and celebrate birthdays and holidays with kids and families who live there.  They host games, have snacks, and hand out new toys, pajamas, and other needed items to the families.  They have developed relationships with the families and the communities and have been able to provide support and resources that they need.

I know that the Ohio Society can make a huge difference in kids' lives, we have been doing that for many years so I ask you all to please support "Harts for Hope".  One way you can help the State Project is by buying one or more of the state project pin, the logo of "Harts for Hope".  So open your hearts and help "Harts for Hope"!

Riley and the Ohio Society are selling "Harts for Hope" logo pins for $10.00 in-person and with $3.00 S/H for mailed orders.  A link to the order form will be below soon.

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