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2023-2024 State President







2022-2024 Senior State President, Kristin Larsen

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State Theme
"Preserving the Past - Building Our Future"

State Project


The 2023-2024 State Project is to raise funds for the Ohio History Connection. The State President has spent her life visiting the  historic sites of Ohio and all over our nation.  She has loved every minute of it and wants to give back to the organization that gave her so much joy. She wants to help "Preserve the Past, Building the Future" for the Ohio History Connection.

Across the state, the Ohio History Connection oversees historic sites and museums located in 40 counties which include: 33 historic sites, 4 natural history sites, 12 museums, 5,000 acres of land, 9 archaeological sites, 300 buildings built from 1788-2013, 8 canal locks, 4 major bridges and 2 boats.

Meredith is also selling friendship bracelets for all C.A.R. and other friends. The second part of herstate project is to help the Ohio Society and National Society grow.  Buy a bracelet for yourself and a friend. Spread C.A.R. with friendship!

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